New Features / Enhancements

  • Improved indexing performance for stores with large numbers of products
  • Improved indexing performance for Catalog URL Rewrites
  • Adjust Secure Pay processing to ignore ZIP code mismatches when AVS is enabled
  • Download the display name of the selected shipping method to Counterpoint as Custom order field Alpha-1
  • Added country to all order downloads to avoid validation issues with Counterpoint merchants who require country


  • Removed erroneous Secure Pay error message (“payment processor is not responding”)
  • Counterpoint oversize pricing does not upload properly
  • Error messages that contain special characters do not display properly
  • Orders with different countries in the billing and shipping address do not import correctly to Counterpoint
  • Secure Pay transactions do not include the correct “card present” setting
  • Online discounts are importing to Counterpoint as negative values instead of positive “discount” values